Alcoholic Kushal enters Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 7 house to cure his addiction

Small screen pin-up boy Kushal Tandon has walked into the Bigg Boss house with some grand , if not eccentric plans. Kushal, of the Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai' fame, is quite a favourite with the girls, specially after his moves on the dancing reality show Nach Baliye.

Kushal now tells us his ultimate goal of entering the feared bastion. "I am going inside the Bigg Boss house to completely detoxify myself," said Kushal.

And yes, before you wonder, he is a self-confessed border line alcoholic and wants to use the three months of captivity to cure himself.

He even has a gameplan: "Firstly, I will be making best use of the gym section inside the house. I will be concentrating only on my body. Secondly, since I am a border line alcoholic, it will be a great testing time for me. I plan to change myself completely."

If you followed him on the small screen then you may remember that he had turned up his nose at reality shows after Nach Baliye.

But if there is one thing the man has, that is honesty and Kushal was very clear that "Bigg Boss gives you big money and is the ideal way to reach out to the audience."
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Veteran actor Dilip Kumar hospitalised

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar, 90 was hospitalised late on Sunday evening after he suffered from a heart attack.

Sources in Lilavati Hospital where he was admitted said that he was complaining of pain in the chest and breathlessness.

Kumar was wheeled into the intensive care unit (ICU) of Lilavati Hospital in Bandra West at around 9 pm.

"He is aging and has suffered from massive heart attack of the inferior wall," said a source in the hospital.

The actor has been admitted under the care of cardiologist Dr Nitin Gokhale on the 6th floor in the Intensive Care Unit.

"He is not on ventilator and is conscious," said the source.

"Inferior wall heart attacks are of severe type, " said a doctor. The inferior wall of the heart is above the diaphragm and close to the spine.

"The attack happens when a portion of the heart is cut off of blood supply. Blood supply to the arteries supplying blood to inferior wall can occur due to deposition of fat plaque. Inferior wall is smaller in size hence the impact is huge. Such attacks happen due to multiple reasons including ageing. Surgery might not be a viable option at such an old age and therefore treating doctors might opt for conservative treatment with drugs," said Dr Narendra Bansal, head of cardiology at state-run JJ Hospital in Byculla.

Dilip Kumar was born Muhammad Yusuf Khan on December 11, 1922, in Peshawar (now in Pakistan) and his acting career spanned six decades and over 60 films.

He was the first to receive Filmfare Best Actor honour when the awards were started in 1954 and, with eight wins, shares with Shah Rukh Khan the record for the most number of Filmfare awards won in that category.

He was honoured with the Padma Bhushan in 1991 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1994 for his outstanding contribution to Indian cinema.

He was also nominated to Rajya Sabha for a term from 2000 to 2006.

In 1998, he was awarded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the highest civilian award conferred by the government of Pakistan.

Not Deepika, not Sonam, Fukrey's Ali Fazal lands role in 'Fast and Furious 7'

Mumbai: Top Bollywood actresses made sure word got around that they'd auditioned for the latest Fast and Furious movie. Everyone from Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor to Kangana Ranaut and Chitrangada Singh are believed to have put themselves on tape for the part that eventually went to British actress Nathalie Emmanuel of Game of Thrones. Yet, the new film (seventh in the series) will have an Indian connection after all - in the form of 26-year-old 'Fukrey' star Ali Fazal, who's heading back from Atlanta after having shot 'an extended cameo' with Vin Diesel and the rest of the cast. "I had a great time," Ali says on the phone just moments after returning from set. "I've grown up watching these films. Which guy my age isn't excited by fast cars, drag races and hot girls?" About the character he plays, Ali will only reveal that he's 'something of a crazy tycoon', and the scene he filmed involves all the principals - Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez - 'showing up at my garage'. About the character he plays, Ali says that he's 'something of a crazy tycoon' in the film. The actor can't stop stressing that 'it's only a 2 to 3 scene cameo' and even jokes that 'it could well be edited out of the finished film...these things are known to happen'. Yet he's looking forward to joining the team again in Abu Dhabi in January when he'll shoot his remaining scenes. "I know people say this all the time, but it really did feel like a family on the set," he says of the time he spent with the team in Atlanta. "Vin Diesel is one of the nicest people I've met. He told me he's dying to come to India because his father spent a considerable amount of time here." Ali also adds that he hit it off with Kurt Russell, the 62-year-old star of films like Escape From New York and Death Proof, who makes his first appearance in the over-2 billion dollar grossing Fast and Furious franchise. "He's literally someone I've watched on screen since I was a kid," Ali says excitedly. "He was warm and funny, and we spoke about Indian cinema over a few cigarettes." Reportedly picked over dozens of actors from the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East who auditioned for the role, Ali reveals he had to be coaxed by talent agents Purvi Lavingia-Vats and Mohit Kukreti into putting himself on tape. "I was away in the mountains near Mussourie with my friends when they insisted that I shoot my lines," he recounts. "There was no Internet connection so I had a friend shoot the audition on an iPhone." Ironically, he says it was this very DIY approach that may have snagged him the part. "The casting director told me they liked the way I'd improvised my audition," he explains, chuckling at the memory. "I had neither gel nor a suit in that remote cottage we were at, so I played around with the character... It wasn't written as a quirky part, but they liked how I was fixing my hair and fumbling with a cigarette while saying my lines." As he prepares to return to India, Ali insists he doesn't want to think of this as his Hollywood debut. "I had a good time, but I did it for the experience of knowing how things work in the West." He'll be happy if other offers come his way, but for now he's grateful to the agents who got him the gig: "Purvi is just a sweetheart. She was determined to make this happen. She's been up nights on end co-ordinating with production and figuring out travel and logistics. And Mohit I went to school with so he's very close to me." Ali says he didn't exactly jump at the offer when it came his way 'because I knew I literally had to fly out the same week if I wanted to do it, and I was busy with my other films. But Purvi made sure everything worked out comfortably.' Once home, he'll jump right back into his Bollywood projects, which include a comedy titled 'Baat Ban Gayi', and a drama produced by Rohan Sippy titled 'Sonali Cable', both of which he plays the lead in. "That's home," he says. "But I really enjoyed this opportunity."

I am not 'Besharam' in reality, says Ranbir Kapoor

His chocolate-boy looks are reason enough to earn every Indian girl’s love for Ranbir Kapoor, the most in-demand actor in Bollywood at present. In Jalandhar on Friday to promote his film Besharam, which was shot in and around Chandigarh, Ranbir was in a mood to talk.

On a light note, Ranbir clarified that he is not a ‘besharam’ (shameless) in real life, also the title of his film. “The character in the movie is vulgar in a positive sense. He is bold, chatty and lives up to his dialogue baazi. He is flamboyant too. But, I have grown up in a very cultured and disciplined family and have been groomed in an urban set up. So, I can’t afford to be such a besharam,” he quipped.

On working with his parents [actors Rishi and Neetu Kapoor] in a film for the first time, Ranbir said it was a great experience, especially since they weren’t playing his parents. “I am playing a thief and they are playing a cop couple that always chases me. This will always be a special movie for me since it’s my first with my parents,” he shares about the October 2 release that has been directed by Abhinav Kashyap and stars Pallavi Sharda as his co-star.

Did his parents hand him out instructions on the sets? “On the contrary, I was instructing my father on the first day, when I suddenly realised, ‘Oh God, I’m talking to Rishi Kapoor. He is such a senior artiste.’ But, I used to help my mother while shooting and make sure she gives the right shot,” laughed he, adding that there was a lot of discipline on the sets because of Rishi Kapoor.

On donning a rustic avatar, Ranbir said it would be another first when he would be seen with chest hair. “I hope that my look is liked by everyone. Abhinav [Kashyap] needed an Amitabh Bachhan style of dressing sense with hairy chest, something men don’t prefer these days.”

Apart from delivering steller performances, Ranbir has also been in the news for his alleged affair with actor Katrina Kaif. How does he handle his casanova image? “The title doesn’t bother me much since it’s a part of life.

I think such names get attached when you play these kind of roles, so people think this actor must be like that in life!”

With his grandfather [actor-director Raj Kapoor] as his role model, Ranbir says he wants to explore varied characters. Next, he will be seen in films by Anurag Basu and Ayan Mukerji.

               (Ranbir Kapoor at his besharmi best. Pardeep Pandit/HT)
Ranbir’s tested in a rapid fire

On marriage

I belong to a family where marriage is considered a beautiful institution. I would love to marry and have kids, but this is not the right time since I want to concentrate on my career.
On being a Kapoor scion It’s a huge responsibility to take further my family legacy. But, I don’t take it as a pressure. I’d love to keep working and proving my worth.
On his dream character Rajesh Khanna’s role in the film Anand and Joker’s role in Hollywood film Dark Knight
On Punjabi food Being a Punjabi, I love indulging in Punjabi food and dance. I love having dal makhani at the dhabas here.

On lifeAfter being a superstar Life’s the same. I belong to a family of stars so I have seen stardom since childhood.

What’s Salman Khan’s take on Katrina Kaif’s bikini photos?

Salman Khan has spoken in support of Katrina Kaif over the bikini photos that so very outraged the actress.

According to Salman, Katrina Kaif’s anger as expressed in the open letter she shot off to the media after the publication of her bikini photos was justified.

When a ZoOm reporter cornered Salman Khan for his take on Katrina’s photos, this is what the star had to say.

“Agar aapki tasveer, aapki maa ki, aapki behen ki aisi tasveer aye toh apko kaisa lagega? (How would you feel if your near and dear ones were snapped thus?)” Salman said, adding, “The pictures of a star’s public appearances are okay but private pictures should not be exposed by the media.”

“What happens in films is alright, but it’s not right to expose someone’s personal life,” Salman defended Katrina.

When asked his take on Katrina Kaif’s open letter to the media, Salman Khan said, “I have read that letter. It was well written.”

So that was Salman’s take on Katrina’s photos and her reaction. Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina’s current boyfriend, too revealed his take on the photos recently.

“Katrina is looking beautiful in the photos, and Ibiza (where the photos were taken) is also a beautiful place,” Ranbir Kapoor said.

With both her ex flame and current flame backing her Katrina has little to fret over.

Sunny Leone keeps her promise with Ragini MMS 2

After all the hype and hoopla over the year gone by, there is finally a glimpse of Ragini MMS 2 that has been revealed. Thankfully, it has all been worth it, what with the teaser ensuring that the film scores on both the vital points - 1) Sunny Leone's sex appeal and 2) Ragini MMS brand's With just the right dose that is expected out of a quintessential horror show that has a target audience of its own, Ragini MMS 2 promises to set the temperature soaring and heart stopping, all in equal measures.

It is apparent that the makers (Balaji) have kept it all very simple as far as pitching the film is concerned. The teaser follows the template of horror, sex, horror and then followed by sex in absolute proportion, hence being unpretentious in its core messaging.

So what one gets to see is a good reconnect that happens from 2011 (a good scary scene featuring Rajkumar Yadav manages to chill even now) to 2013, hence also indicating that this is a true sequel in the offering than a regular franchise product in the offering. Immediately after that there is relief (pun intended) in the proceedings with Sunny under a shower followed by, well, what-is-expected-out-of-her, hence giving audience what they expected from the very beginning.

However, the real shocker comes in the form of a horrifying scene that follows which pretty much manages to push one off the chair. Formulaic, perhaps yes, but then it is something that works. In case of Ragini MMS 2, it works big time. With so much happening at a frantic pace in those 90 odd seconds, the closure is as smooth as it gets, what with Sunny getting into a pool and offering something to a viewer in order to play around.

What exactly is the offering? Well, your guess can be pretty much expected to be bang on target. In all, a promise well kept and one now looks forward to much more exciting stuff that is on the cards in weeks to follow before the film releases in January next year.
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I don't miss making films: Gulzar

Lyricist and filmmaker Gulzar. (AP Photo)

He directed his last film in 1999, but acclaimed lyricist and filmmaker Gulzar says he is not missing directing movies as he involves himself with new age filmmakers, who he believes, offer viewers a better cinematic experience with their hands-on technological prowess.

Last time Gulzar went behind the camera was for Tabu and Suniel Shetty starrer "Hu Tu Tu".

"I don't miss making films because I'm still in films. I'm totally participating in films by new filmmakers like Vishal Bhardwaj and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra," Gulzar said here post a screening of his directorial debut "Mere Apne" (1971) at the ongoing Ladakh International Film Festival (LIFF).

In over 28 years of his journey as a filmmaker, he made highly acclaimed gripping dramas like "Parichay", "Koshish", and "Kinara". He also directed National Award winning films "Mausam" and "Maachis" as well as fun movie "Angoor", which was an adaptation of Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors".

The 79-year-old admits that his lack of modern technological know-how keeps him physically away from being behind the camera.

"I can't do much with the changing technology, but these filmmakers are such experts as they start at a young age. In fact, even for my iPhone, whenever there is a difficulty, I ask my children. But no, I don't miss films because I'm actively participating in films, writing and discussing films all the time," said the veteran.

Gulzar's films were socially relevant, and more often than not, message-oriented.

When an audience member from an almost packed house asked him why today's films lacked the soul, he said: "Cinema is always reflective of society. It brings to life the way people live their life."

"We had less technology in our times, and hence, I believe our films were less cinematic, but they had more to say."

"Today's filmmakers are more cinematic, but the message has taken a backseat. But that is also reflective of today's time - people don't have the time to stop and think, the pace is reflective in the loud music that the youth hears, it is seen in the daily humdrum when you're doing most of the things and even taking most decisions while you're in a car or a bus or a train."

"In such a scenario, it is tough to catch the youth's attention. People keep saying that the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s were the golden period of music and cinema in India. Not that good songs and movies weren't made after that. But the way life's running, do you really think a slow movie will work?"

A retrospective of Gulzar's films is being held here. Bhardwaj is curating it. "Ijazat" and "Achanak" are some of his other movies, which will be screened here.

Pak producer wants to release Naseeruddin Shah's 'Zinda Bhaag' in India

Naseeruddin Shah's starrer 'Zinda Bhaag' is Pakistan's first entry to Oscars after a five-decade absence. (Prem Nath Pandey)

After creating history with his film "Zinda Bhaag", starring Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah in the lead, Pakistani film producer Mazhar Zaidi is keen to release the film in India.

The film is Pakistan's first entry to the Oscars after a five-decade absence from the prestigious film awards.

"The dates have not been finalised but the distributors are very excited. Indians would be seeing the real Pakistan like what is seen on the news," said Zaidi.

Directed and written by his wife Meenu Gaur, an Indian filmmaker and Farjad Nabi, the film features Shah and a number of Indian technical experts who worked behind the scenes.

The editor of the film is Shan Mohammad, cinematographer Satya Rai Nagpaul and sound designer Vipin Bhatti, all from Mumbai.

"The whole idea of sharing expertise between India and Pakistan is excellent. The crew could have been from anywhere but with Indians, it was different. We are historically the same and understand each other's language and culture. There was no problem working together" Zaidi told PTI here.

The film has already bagged four awards in three categories at the Mosaic MISAFF festival held in August this year in Toronto.

A comedy thriller about three young men trying to escape the reality of their everyday lives through unconventional methods, this film shows the journey an average Pakistani's life and their desire to be free.

"I feel excited. It (nomination) is good for Pakistani film industry. The spotlight will be back on Pakistani films," Zaidi said.

While Pakistan had once a flourishing film industry, it has taken a beating but is slowly coming back. Bollywood films continue to remain a craze.

Asked if both Bollywood and the Pakistani film industry can co-exist here in Pakistan, he said, "Of course they can. Indian films are very popular and very commercial. The new Pakistani films have a different feel."

Asked who his favourite Indian filmmakers were, he said there were many including Anurag Kashyap.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Chair of Pakistan's Academy Awards selection committee, had said, "Pakistan will finally have a film in contention this year at the Academy Awards and I feel proud that today we are taking a small step towards recognizing our own filmmakers.

"'Zinda Bhaag' is proof of the fact that sheer will, passion and talent can achieve incredible feats, and I would like to congratulate the team behind the film on a compelling and cinematic film."


For Kangna, 'Revolver Rani' is her toughest film so far

For Kangna, \'Revolver Rani\' is her toughest film so far
Mumbai: From a gangster's girlfriend to schizophrenic to spunky small town girl - actress Kangna Ranaut has portrayed a variety of characters on the screen in the past seven years, but she says her role in 'Revolver Rani' is her toughest so far. "My role in 'Revolver Rani' is very difficult to portray. I think 'Revolver Rani' is my toughest role so far," Kangna told IANS. "It's a very unusual film, in which my looks are very different. I have to look unattractive in the film and for the first time I have to take care that I do not look beautiful," added the actress who apparently took training to use the revolver to make her role believable. Directed by Sai Kabir, the film is being co-produced by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Rahul Mittra. Reportedly, Tabu was approached for the role before Kangna. Directed by Sai Kabir, the film is being co-produced by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Rahul Mittra. The actress, who was seen in 'Shootout at Wadala', is happy with the kind of films she is doing. She said: "It's going to be an exciting year for me. I am doing some different roles in each film. I am extremely happy with the kind of scripts I am getting these days." Her next will be 'Krrish 3'

People's perception of me changed: Taj Mohammed Rangrez, first KBC 7 crorepati

Taj Mohammed Rangrez created history by winning Rs. 1 crore in the seventh season of game show "Kaun Banega Crorepati 2013" hosted by megastar Amitabh Bachchan. After the victory he says the people's perception about him had changed.

A history teacher, Rangrez said that people have now started calling him 'Crorepati Rangrez'.

"After my victory, after getting Rs. 1 crore on the show, people's perception towards me has changed. The way they look at me now is completely different from how they used to see me earlier," said Rangrez.

"When they see me they say 'It's the same guy, who is seen on newspapers these days.' They don't call me by my name, they use 'Crorepati Rangrez'," he added.

Rangrez, 42, is still in the celebration mode and says he still can't believe that he won a crore from the show, which is an Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".

"I still can't believe it. I never thought that I will win Rs.1 crore. I actually never thought that I will be able to reach Rs.6,40,000. Just entering the show and sitting on the hot seat with Amitabh Bachchan was enough for me," he said.

"When he said that I won Rs.1 crore, I started shivering. My wife was there with me on the show, she had tears in her eyes. It was all because of the cooperation by the Sony (channel) and KBC team. It's because of the wishes from my mother and sister," Rangrez added.

When asked how is he going to spend the amount, he said: "I first want to get my daughter treated from her partial vision impairment. Then, I want to buy a house. Also, I want to fund the marriage of two orphan girls. These three things are my priorities, rest will follow."

The episode featuring the first crorepati winner will air Sep 15.

Ileana D'Cruz turns Marathi mulgi for Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Goa-born designer sisters Riddhi and Siddhi Mapxencar are happy with their styling of actress Ileana D'Cruz in the forthcoming Bollywood movie, Phata Poster Nikla Hero. The designers have depicted Ileana as a Marathi mulgi (a typical Marathi girl) in a dance sequence where she wears a kashti saree.

"We were given a brief about the whole song. Ileana was to be depicted as a, Marathi mulgi, in a kashti saree (a traditional Marathi style of saree). "It was a dance sequence number so we had to pre-stitch the drape and give it a whole feel of the real draped kashti," Riddhi said.

Siddhi said the colour of ensemble had to be bright and vibrant keeping in mind mood of the song. "Also, there were rigorous dance movements which had to be performed by Ileana so pre-stitched kashti saree was a perfect choice." The designer duo has styled some of the top names in the Hindi film industry including Katrina Kaif (Ek Tha Tiger), Sonam Kapoor (Thank You and Players) and Akshay Kumar (Oh My God).

Riddhi said they managed to execute the assignment for Phata Poster... in a day's time. "Film work is usually done on short time bounds. It was work of a few days though we managed it skillfully in a day's time."

Asked to compare between fashion and dress designing for films, Siddhi said, "Ramp is mostly theme-based and we have control over style, ideas and colour. Film scripts and looks are predetermined, so we have to imbibe the requirements smartly and at the same time maintain our touch."

Kajol: I am lazy, two films a year is enough for me

Kajol: I am lazy, two films a year is enough for me
New Delhi: Actress Kajol, who is now set to make another comeback to the big screen, says she is a lazy actor. Kajol, 39, took a sabbatical from full-time acting in 2001 and returned to films with the 2006 romantic thriller 'Fanaa'. But, afterwards she was only seen in cameo appearances. She was last seen in a prominent role in Karan Johar's home production 'We Are Family' (2010). "I am lazy... I can't do more work or films beyond some extent. Two films a year is enough for me so that I feel I am working. I don't think of any film as mine till I start shooting for it. After I start working then it is mine... It is a healthy attitude," Kajol said. Kajol was last seen in a prominent role in Karan Johar's home production 'We Are Family' (2010). Asked what keeps her in demand despite not being in the limelight, Kajol said, "May be I am away from work, that is why I am in demand. I am working for more than 20 years, but I have done little work, handful of films. There are others who do three times or four times more films than I do." And now she is set to return with husband Ajay Devgn's home production. "It is a nice script and story but nothing to talk about it as of now.... It is too premature," she says. But she also added that she will not be seen regularly in films as family is her priority now. "Definitely I will not do films regularly. I will take time off. I don't want to do film just for the heck of it. I have a full life; I have a husband, two kids, house, a production company and other things. "So for me to take out time and do a film that means that film needs to have something strong... I need to believe in this film and I will do wonders with it," she said. As to Ajay's production company, she says she is creatively involved, but not into the nitty-gritty. And though she is not an avid movie-goer, she does not miss her husband's films. "I enjoy all his work... He is a fabulous and fine actor. He does a variety of films like Satyagraha, Golmaal, Singham. I respect him a lot as an actor. He has the courage to do different things which I don't think any other actor can claim." "He was not comfortable with comedy initially before Golmaal, but now he is. He has done a variety of roles. I can't think of a role that I can't cast him in, he convinces you in every role he does," Kajol said

Aamir Khan confident Dhoom 3 will break Chennai Express's box office records

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
Shah Rukh Khan-starrerChennai Express broke the record set by Aamir Khan’s3 Idiots. It now has the distinction of being the biggest grosser of all times in Hindi cinema. The Raj Kumar Hirani-directed3 Idiots was the first true mega blockbuster since business became dominated by multiplexes.

Now, Aamir is all set to reclaim the title with his next film in the same year as his record was broken. Dhoom 3 releases this December and the actor believes that the Chennai Express record will be smashed in the next two months, while his film held the record for four years.

Says a source close to Aamir, “He is confident that D3 will shatter all records, in fact he has told someone close to him, ‘3 Idiots released in 2009 and it took them four years to break that record. and the record I set with Dhoom 3, will be broken by someone in 2020.’ Aamir is not one to make statements lightly. If he says something, you better believe he will deliver.”

Says trade analyst Komal Nahta, “The trade buzz is extraordinary for Dhoom 3. If you ask me whether D3 will break the records set by Chennai Express, then the answer is, yes, 100 per cent it will! Records are made only to be broken but the question is how soon? It took four years for the record of 3 Idiots to be broken, but I feel now records will be broken in a shorter time span.

There are too many multiplexes growing every year, ticket rates are being hiked and the overall business is on the upswing so records will break faster. Aamir will excel again inD3. The expectations are very high. For the first time people will see him in a negative role. He has worked on his body and gone through so much pain and effort. With every film Aamir takes his career five steps forward.

Now he has reached a stage where he wants to add a further dimension to his career. He has a certain reputation and that extends to his films. There is a craze for him. Time and again, he has proved his brilliance.”

When SD Burman walked out after listening to 'Dum maro dum'

New Delhi: Musician Sachin Dev Burman was terribly upset with his son R D Burman's composition in 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' and walked out of the studio when he heard the recording of the song 'Dum maro dum'. This and several other interesting facts about the legend find mention in a book 'S D Burman: The World of His Music' by writer Khagesh Dev Burman. Published by Rupa and translated to English by the author and S K Ray Chaudhuri, the book has a detailed list of Sachin's songs and analysis of his unique style and music. Sachin Dev Burman also had great love for football and tennis and was quite adept at these games. Quoting extensively from Sachin's memoir, 'Sargamer Nikhad', the author delves into his childhood, things that shaped his character and musical talent, the days of struggle - and the rise of the maestro. Even though Rahul cut a path of music very different from his father's for himself, he could not escape the influence of his father. Sachin groomed him as a composer and encouraged him to learn to play different instruments, says the author. He was not hurt with the music of 'Dum maro dum' not because he had to pave the way for his son when Dev Anand, in spite of their long association, ignored him and appointed Rahul as music director 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' but because he thought his son had forsaken him. "He was dismayed when he heard the recording of the song 'Dum maro dum' in the studio. He was upset; he thought his son who carried his flag, whom he had taught music from childhood, had forsaken him." "Was it a repudiation of inherited culture? Was it an attempt to disown his father? Rahul saw his father slowly walking out of the studio with his head bowed down. It looked as if a defeated king was retreating from battle," the book says. Sachin also had great love for football and tennis and was quite adept at these games. "Nothing could keep him away from the football ground if there was a match between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan. A diehard supporter of East Bengal, he would stop eating if the team lost a match, weep copious tears in anger and sorrow, and it would take days for him to get back to his jovial mood," the author says. He narrates an incident regarding Sachin's attachment to football during the time he suffered from a paralytic attack during the recording of the songs for 'Mili', which was completed by Rahul. "Sachin was in deep coma and efforts to revive him were of no avail. It was only once that he is reported to have opened his eyes. The day East Bengal defeated Mohun Bagan 5-0 in a league match; Rahul shouted the news to his father who opened his eyes for one last time and never thereafter," he writes. The book also describes how Sachin had to struggle to create a name for himself in the music world. "Forty-five long years of disappointments, humiliations and rejection, of continuous hard work, incessant practice and constant experimentation with his art led to victory, the sweet smell of success and international fame." When Sachin approached His Master's Voice (HMV) in the 1930s, the recording company asked him to undergo an audition test. He, however, failed in the test. "Sachin was informed that his nasal voice was not fit for recording and that the market would not accept it... He was shattered," the author says. But despite HMV's refusal, Sachin would not be denied his rightful glory. He cultivated folk music and established it in the highest throne of the durbar of world's music

दृष्टि धामी ने जीता 'झलक दिखला जा-6' का खिताब

दृष्टि धामी और सलमान
सेलिब्रिटी डांस रियलिटी शो 'झलक दिखला जा' का छठा सत्र टीवी अदाकारा दृष्टि धामी ने जीता है. दृष्टि शो के पहले तक ट्विटर पर लोगों से जुड़ी हुई थी और अपनी फोटो भी पोस्‍ट कर रही थीं.

आखिरी राउंड में दृष्टि ने सह प्रतिभागी, लॉरेन गोटलीब और नन्हें सह प्रतिभागियों शोनाली तथा सुमंत को हराया. मुंबई में जन्मी 28 वर्षीय दृष्टि और उनके कोरियोग्राफर सलमान ने हर बार अपने अनोखे प्रदर्शन से जज और दर्शकों की तारीफ बटोरी.

छोटे पर्दे पर रोज प्रसारित हो रहे धारावाहिक 'मधुबाला' में मुख्य भूमिका निभा रही दृष्टि की कड़ी मेहनत से जज माधुरी दीक्षित, करण जौहर और रेमो डी'सूजा बहुत प्रभावित हुए.

शो जीतने पर दृष्टि को एक ट्रॉफी और 50 लाख रुपये का इनाम मिला. दृष्टि ने कहा 'मैं इसके लिए सभी की आभारी हूं. मेरी मां फिलहाल शहर से बाहर गई हैं. आई लव यू मम्मी. मैं अपने सभी दोस्तों को, सलमान के दोस्तों को और हर किसी को धन्यवाद कहना चाहती हूं.' रियलिटी शो के लिए जी तोड़ मेहनत और अभ्‍यास करने के बावजूद दृष्टि अपने धारावाहिक को समय दे रही हैं.

शो के ग्रैंड फिनाले में अभिनेता रितिक रोशन और प्रियंका चोपड़ा अपनी नई सुपर हीरो फिल्म 'कृष 3' का प्रमोशन करने आए. रितिक और प्रियंका ने 'झलक दिखला जा 6' के अन्य प्रतिभागियों, सिद्धार्थ शुक्ला, मुक्ति मोहन, सना सईद और करणवीर बोहरा के साथ 'कृष 3' के गाने 'रघुपति राघव राजा राम' पर प्रस्तुति भी दी.


Kajol: Ajay Devgn has the courage to do different things which other actors can't claim

'I enjoy all his work... He is a fabulous and fine actor. I respect him a lot as an actor,' Kajol said. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)

Actress Kajol, who is now set to make another comeback to the big screen, says she is a lazy actor.

Kajol, 39, took a sabbatical from full-time acting in 2001 and returned to films with the 2006 romantic thriller "Fanaa". But, afterwards she was only seen in cameo appearances.

She was last seen in a prominent role in Karan Johar's home production "We Are Family" (2010).

"I am lazy... I can't do more work or films beyond some extent. Two films a year is enough for me so that I feel I am working. I don't think of any film as mine till I start shooting for it. After I start working then it is mine... It is a healthy attitude," Kajol told PTI in an interview.

Asked what keeps her in demand despite not being in the limelight, Kajol said, "May be I am away from work, that is why I am in demand. I am working for more than 20 years, but I have done little work, handful of films. There are others who do three times or four times more films than I do."

And now she is set to return with husband Ajay Devgn's home production.

"It is a nice script and story but nothing to talk about it as of now.... It is too premature," she says.

But she also added that she will not be seen regularly in films as family is her priority now.

"Definitely I will not do films regularly. I will take time off. I don't want to do film just for the heck of it. I have a full life; I have a husband, two kids, house, a production company and other things.

"So for me to take out time and do a film that means that film needs to have something strong... I need to believe in this film and I will do wonders with it," she said.

As to Ajay's production company, she says she is creatively involved, but not into the nitty-gritty. And though she is not an avid movie-goer, she does not miss her husband's films.

"I enjoy all his work... He is a fabulous and fine actor. He does a variety of films like 'Satyagraha', 'Golmaal', 'Singham'. I respect him a lot as an actor. He has the courage to do different things which I don't think any other actor can claim.

"He was not comfortable with comedy initially before 'Golmaal', but now he is. He has done a variety of roles. I can't think of a role that I can't cast him in, he convinces you in every role he does," Kajol said.

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6: Drashti Dhami takes home the trophy

The TV star beat Shaan, Lauren Gottlieb and Sonali and Sumant to claim the title of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6

Drashti Dhami was declared the winner of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6 and took home Rs 50 lakh as the prize money. The dance reality show’s superfinale was held on Saturday night in the presence of judges Karan Johar and Remo D’Souza. Madhuri Dixit-Nene had to leave the shooting after the performances and rush home, as her father Shankar Dixit passed away.

Drashti beat singer Shaan, dancer Lauren Gottlieb andIndia’s Got Talent winners Sonali and Sumant.

Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra promoted their film Krrish 3on the Jhalak superfinale by dancing to the song Raghupati Raghav from the film. Karan too shook a leg with Remo and Lauren and managed to impress on the last day of the show.

Congratulations to Madhubala star Drashti who won maximum votes on Jhalak!

Exclusive: Ranveer and Deepika steaming up the screen

Ram Leela is Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's most awaited movie and guess what, TOI has brought to you one of the exclusive pictures of the movie.

The picture that we present to you is a still from one of the songs from the movie where Ranveer and Deepika both are seen in typical Gujarati avatar.

Deepika, dressed in a ghagra-choli looks like aperfect Gujarati chori. Since, Deepika has not been experimenting with her look much, this definitely will amaze all her fans and critics alike. With her heavily embroidered pink and green coloured choli-cut blouse and a black ghagra, designer Anju Modi has left no stone unturned in giving a completely new look to the diva. Deepika is also seen sporting a nose ring which adds to her desi girl charm in the song.

While one cannot switch eyes away from Deepika, we cannot completely overlook Ranveer Singh's new found look of a Gujarati boy. His colorful printed shirts, accessories including rings, neck pieces and earrings has already created a buzz.

Grapevine has it that Deepika and Ranveer Singh have been more than 'good friends' so, it is for sure that the two are going to share a sizzling chemistry on screen too. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the movie ' Ram Leela' is set to go on floors on 15 November 2013.

Kajol's sister Tannisha part of Salman Khan's 'Bigg Boss 7'

Rajesh Khanna's live-in partner, Anita Advani, will be a part of 'Bigg Boss 7'. 
Television's popular reality show 'Bigg Boss' is back for the seventh season starting today September 15.
Salman Khan, who returns as the host for the fourth time on the show, will play a double role of an angel and devil to the contestants holed up in 'Bigg Boss' house for three months.
The actor said it will not be a tough call for him because he has small doses of both inside him.
The 15 contestants who will stay in the house for 104 days, will be treated with 'Jannat ka wow' and 'jehanum ka oww'.
The final list of celebrities who are likely to enter the Bigg Boss' house are Anita Advani, real life couple Apoorva and Shilpa Agnihotri, Kushal Tandon, Hazel Keech, Gauahar Khan, Rajat Rawail, Pratyusha Banerjee, VJ Andy, Armaan Kohli, Tannisha (Kajol's sister), Elie Evram, Ratan Rajput and Sangram Singh.
Bigg Boss contestant's cliam to fame:
Anita Advani: Anita Advani claims to be late actor Rajesh Khanna's live-in partner will be a part of 'Bigg Boss 7'
Apoorva and Shilpa Agnihotri: Television actor Apoorva Agnihotri became popular after hit serial 'Jassi Jaise Koi Nahin' while Shilpa was a house hold name after her stint in Ekta Kapoor's 'Kyunki Saan Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi'.
Kushal Tandon: Television actor Kushal Tandon is famous at 'Virat' in serial 'Ek Hazaroon Me Meri Behna Hai'
Hazel Keech: Actress Hazel Keech was seen in Salman Khan's hit film 'Bodyguard'.
Gauahar Khan: Actress Gauahar Khan of 'Khan Sisters' fame was last seen in Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor's 'Ishaqzade'.
Rajat Rawail: Producer-director Rajat Rawail will be seen ar Big Boss' house.
Pratyusha Banerjee: Pratyusha Banerjee shot to fame as Anandi in 'Balika Vadhu'
VJ Andy: 'Beauty and the Geek' host VJ Andy will now be a guest at Bigg Boss' house.
Armaan Kohli: Actor Armaan Kohli was last seen in 'LOC: Kargil'.
Tannisha: Kajol's actress sister Tannisha, who was seen in films like 'Sarkar' and 'Neil n Niki' is also joing Bigg Boss' house.
Elie Evram: International dancer Elie Evram and a friend of Salman Khan is all set to try her luck at the show. Besides, Elie Evram will be making a Bollywood debut in 'Mickey Virus' opposite Manish Paul.
Ratan Rajput: Ratan Rajput's claim to fame is 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitya hi Kijo'
Sangram Singh: Indian wrestler, Sanjit Kumar, better known by his stage name Sangram Singh will also be seen on the show.

John Day review: Naseeruddin Shah, Randeep Hooda keep the film afloat

Courtesy: Facebook

A teenaged couple arrive in a wooded estate somewhere outside Bombay. There seems to be no-one else around. They sit around in a bamboo hut, strumming a guitar and talking. Then they go for a swim in the lake. The girl swims for some time, then says she’s tired and returns to the room for a shower. Before she takes off her wet T-shirt, she closes the bamboo door, and we see no more of her. Cut to a cemetery, where a priest intones gravely from the Bible, and a middle-aged man and his wife bite back tears as they surrender their young daughter’s body to the earth. When the film picks up next, it is two years later. The husband and wife are still grieving for their daughter. The wife is still punishing herself for having let the daughter go away that weekend, the husband is still trying to console her. He accepts an old friend’s invitation to a party, and leaves for work, affectionately telling his wife to wear a nice dress for the evening — “red colour or something”. She smiles wanly. Life is not the same, but they might just begin to move on. But within the next few minutes, everything has changed. Ahishor Solomon’s directorial debut shows promise, managing to establish an atmosphere of unmitigated menace in a tightly-constructed film shorn of songs, fillers or ‘light’ moments. Solomon’s previous experience includes working as assistant director on the Ram Gopal Varma production Darna Zaroori Hai (2006) and Bhatt camp outings like Rog (2005) and Paap (2003), but John Day, produced by the people who produced Wednesday, is a step up from these: grittier, and less exploitative — the camera doesn’t linger on the young woman as she strips for a shower. Courtesy: Facebook The film clearly draws its plot and central characters from a 2002 Spanish thriller called La Caja 507 (Box 507) – a bank manager with a daughter who died, a bank robbery years later, documents that reveal that the girl’s death was part of a much larger plot, and a cat and mouse game between the bank manager and a renegade cop. There is nothing wrong with reworking an existing film, especially if one is able to successfully adapt it to a wholly new cultural context — but one dearly wishes Solomon and his producers would start by acknowledging their sources. Their refusal to do so seems particularly silly because it is not the plot or the characters that are the strengths of this film. The plot feels unnecessarily convoluted, while the characters don’t seem complex enough. When there is a backstory, it’s a disappointingly pat one-liner: a child abuse narrative as explanation for someone’s extreme violence, a daughter stifling her dreams to live her father’s, another daughter holding on to her mother’s dreams. What keeps John Day afloat, to the extent that it does stay above water, is well-chosen atmospheric locales, pacy editing, some of the dialogue (by Solomon and Kartik Krishnan) and most of the performances. Naseeruddin Shah, as the title character, puts in a more complex, non-phoned-in performance than most directors have managed to extract from him in the last couple of years. Channelling his enraged Everyman for the second time after A Wednesday, Shah keeps his aspiring footballer turned bank manager turned middle class avenger from ever hitting a false note. Randeep Hooda, as a violent cop-in-disgrace, summons up inner reserves of brutality with chilling conviction. Shernaz Patel is characteristically effective as the dead girl’s distraught mother, and Elena Kazan, soon to appear in a larger role in Prague, makes the best of a small, rather cliched role as Hooda’s needy, alcoholic girlfriend. Makarand Deshpande in a small appearance as a drunk informant is thankfully kept in check, not allowed to descend into his usual excesses. Sharat Saxena as uber-villain Sikandar Hayaat Khan affects a deep-voiced gravitas that hides a mysterious self-flagellatory inner self. Vipin Sharma is impressive as a corrupt cop who’s Hooda’s accomplice, and their power-laden interactions give the film some good lines: “Jaldi kar, tu tankhwaah pe nahi, ghoos pe kaam kar raha hai”. Prakash Kutty’s camerawork manages to evoke a degree of fear while staying subtle, capturing the the cavernous depths of deserted subways and empty garages, the autumnal melancholy of a cemetery, or the alternating shadows and tawdry lights of a pre-Christmas night in some lower-middle-class locality. Arindam Ghatak’s editing keeps things taut and varied, important in a film that depends on the effectiveness of the tension in a series of cat and mouse chases. Independently, most of these scenes work, though there’s more horrific gore than perhaps was needed to be shown. But the film as a whole unfortunately doesn’t cut it. The premise is too muddled and too moralistic to work as a straightforward thriller. And the central sinner-saint dynamic, and the notion of a turnaround in which one becomes the other, is too pat. The relentless Christian symbolism – the bible with a gun in it, Jesus on the cross — is too heavy-handed. The question of good and evil is rather a big one, and Ahishor Solomon has bitten off more than he can chew.


Leaked images of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming biggie Ram Leela reveal grandeur and a colour fest

A sneak peek at a song through leaked images of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming biggie Ram Leela reveals the film-maker is once again set to unleash his trademark grandeur and majestic taste.

The images feature the film's lead cast, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, and reveal a colour fest. We learnt they are scenes of a highlight dance number.

Deepika looks stunning in a red lehnga with traditional prints and mirror work, her hands painted in red too. Incidentally, the first-look poster of the film released a while ago had Deepika Padukone draped in a 30-kilo lehnga. She sure seems to be in the mood to go for an ethnic turn.

Ranveer is seen flaunting his flamboyant side in a perfectly chiselled body. With envious abs, the actor dances away in a traditional outfit with flowered boxers peeping through.

While both these on-set images are from a dance sequence, Bhansali is not in a mood to give out details. The filmmaker is known to maintain secrecy while shooting a project, and has maintained that spirit with Ram Leela.

According to industry buzz, the film could have as many as 14 songs with a mix of masala numbers and folk songs. It has already been announced that Priyanka Chopra will be doing an item number in the film.

The film is said to be Bollywood adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet, imagined in the backdrop of the dacoit heartlands of Chambal. Ram Leela is said to be more violent than the films Bhansali has directed so far. The film is scheduled to open on November 15.


Grand Masti earns Rs 26 crores in first two days

Actor Vivek Oberoi is in a party mood as his latest release Grand Masti, an adult comedy replete with double entendres, earned Rs 26 crore in two days.
Made at Rs 35 crore, it has been written by Milap Zaveri and has earned brickbats from critics for innuendos and suggestive leery double-meaning dialogues.

But Vivek, whose movies like Prince and Mission Istaanbul bombed at the box office, is undeterred by the criticism and wants to enjoy the success that has come to him after a long while.

"Party! Milap. After a humungous start, Grand Masti (earned) even better than Friday on Saturday with Rs 13.5 crore! Grand total is now Rs 26 crore in just two days!"," Vivek posted on Twitter.

Directed by Indra Kumar, Grand Masti also features Riteish Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani, Sonalee Kulkarni, Kainaat Arora, Maryam Zakaria, Manjari Phadnis, Karishma Tanna and Bruna Abdullah.

Vivek also missed Riteish, who is busy shooting for Sajid Khan's Humshakals, which is being produced by Vashu Bhagnani.

"Missing @Riteishd my darling 'Masti-Khor', wish you were here to party and celebrate with us bhauuuuu! Incomplete without you man! Come back na! (sic)," Vivek tweeted.

The film's success is a good news for Aftab too.

"Been such an eventful Friday and Saturday! Completely elated and overwhelmed by the response," he posted on the micro-blogging site.


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